An Overview of Medical Libraries in Digital Era: Impact of Libraries on Academic Performance of Medical Students


Author(s): Aruna Chanu Oinam

The rapid proliferation of information in the present digital era has important implications for the education of health professionals including medical students.In medical education self-learning plays an important role to update the fast growing recent knowledge as faculty will not be able to impart all knowledge in class sessions.Over the years, librarians at academic institutions have tried to document that their efforts in the classroom, virtual or otherwise, bring about positive results and outcomes.The faculty is the person who can make the successful use of library by medical students. Instead of having traditional didactic lectures where students only learns from the teacher. He can adopt various other teaching methods which will make students to use libraries to gain the knowledge.In today knowledge explosion world library plays an integral part of any institution including medical colleges. Many institutes neglect the role of library and librarian in particular providing proper learning resources and thereby assisting students to perform well in their examinations.

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