An Analysis of Author?s Contribution to NACLIN- National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Networking: A BibliometricStudy1998-2010


Author(s): Narendra A, B.U. Kannappanavar

In the study, an attempt is made to investigate the scholarly articles published Conference proceeding i.e., “NACLIN-National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Networking”, for the period of 1998-2010. The purpose of this study is to find out the Author's productivity, Authorship Pattern, and find out the proportion of single-authored publications and multi-authored publications. Also, find out the Degree of Collaboration, most productive authors and institutions, and researchers interested in areas for research. For the analysis of the study 13years, NACLIN Conference Volumesarticles have taken up for evaluation. Necessary Bibliometric measures applied to analyze different publication parameters. I found that contributions to each volume of NACLIN, not every year are consistent. Solo-authored contributions dominated compared to multi-authored contributions. The proportion of multi-authored publications is 47.77% and single-authored publications are 52.23% for the whole period. The average number of authors per article is 1.64 for 448articles. The average productivity per author is 0.61. The leading authors are H K Kaul, Harish Chandra. The most productive institution is DELNET, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Statistical Institute and the University of Hyderabad. The researcher's most interesting areas are Electronic Information Resources and Services, Knowledge Management, Library and Information Networks, Resource Sharing and Networking, Digital Library, Digitization, Database creation, Web-based technologies.

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