Access and Use of Internet by The Students? Community: A Case Study of College of Engineering, Kallooppara, Pathanamthitta, Kerala State


Author(s): Sumi P. Thomas, Tinju Tom, Deepa John

The present study deals with use of interne by the engineering college students for which the students from College of Engineering, Kallooppara, Pathanamthitta, Kerala are selected. The main objectives are to identify the use of internet services and resources by the students, to know the level of satisfaction, check the impact of the use of internet on the academic efficiency of the students and problems that are faced by the students while accessing and using internet. Survey method with questionnaire and observation was used to collect the data to be analysed. 98.45% of the total population of the college responded to the questionnaire and among the respondents 98.77% use the internet. Since the response rate is high and also a vast majority of them use the internet the study is reliable and revealing. It brings to light the impact of internet over the students undergoing technical education. This also point out the betterment of the facilities and resources provided by the college

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