Access and Security Dilemma: A Focus on Information Security Challenges in Masvingo City Center Public Libraries, Zimbabwe


Author(s): Mthokozisi Masumbika Ncube

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have provided extensive advantages to public libraries in ensuring access to a wide array of informational resources. However, the use of such ICTs has also brought about information security challenges within public libraries. Therefore, the premise of this study was to assess the information security challenges faced by Masvingo City Center Public Libraries. The study was qualitative in nature, using libraries’ staff members, libraries’ committee members, Zimbabwe Library Association Masvingo (ZIMLA) representatives and libraries’ patrons as study participants. The study found that the libraries lacked rigorous antiviral software to protect computer resources. In addition, there was the Bring Your Own Device facility (BYOD) which further compromised the confidentiality of internal information within the libraries. The study concluded by highlighting that the libraries were vulnerable to the compromise of integrity, confidentiality an availability of information. As a way forward, the study noted the essence of libraries to implement rigorous and up-to-date antiviral software. The study further noted the importance of training and development in order to ensure that management systems are created, implemented and managed accordingly to ensure security. In addition, the study noted the essence of formulating information security policies and procedures conforming to the BYOD facility.

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