Academic Librarians with Professional Education in Vietnam


Author(s): Bui Ha Phuong,

In every academic library, quality and efficiency of a library depend greatly on the competences of its human resource – librarians. They are one of key factors that make big impacts on the quality of information services as well as the satisfaction of information users. In that context ,it is important to consider the librarians’ staff needs for continuing education and professional development in a changing electronic environment of academic library. In Vietnam, continuing professional education in Library and Information Science has some prominent characteristics. Recognizing this practice of education helps managers, organizations conduct relevant solutions. The aim of paper is outlining the overall picture of professional education in Library and Information Science, including the role of professional education along with some factors, features related to professional education in Library and Information Science. Besides, this paper is also to bring some solutions for enhancing the quality of professional education in academic libraries. This is very meaningful for the developments of academic libraries in today contexts.

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