A Systematic Review of Cloud Computing Applications in Library and Information Management and Service


Author(s): Rajesh Rangappa Aldarthi*, Manoj Kumar Sinha, Shantadevi T and Smitha C

Library and information management industries have utilized cloud computing technologies. Cloud computing gives information management and service provider’s scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. We conduct this systematic literature study to assess cloud computing applications in library and information administration and service.

Methods: ACM digital library, IEEE explore, and web of science were searched systematically. Search terms included "cloud computing," "library," "information management," and "service." The review includes 2010-2022 studies. English papers on cloud computing in library and information administration and service were included.

Results: Screened 62 studies. The review comprised 32 studies. The research was grouped by application: cloud based library services, digital libraries, information management systems, and collaborative tools.

Discussion: This study suggests library and information management has extensively utilized cloud computing. Cataloging, circulation, and interlibrary loan leverage cloud-based library services. Cloud based digital libraries provide huge digital resource collections. Information management has been enhanced with cloud-based technologies. Cloud-based applications have improved library staff-user cooperation.

Conclusion: Cloud computing gives libraries and information management scale, flexibility, and cost- effectiveness. Library and information management and service will increasingly use cloud computing technologies. Cloud computing's effects on libraries and information management require more study.

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