A Survey of Library Automation in Medical and Dental College Libraries Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.


Author(s): G. Muruganandham, N.Murugesapandian, R.Selvaraju

The study present status of the review status of automation in Medical College and Dental College libraries Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University, Chennai. The uses of Information and communication Technology (ICT) facilitate easy & immediate access to Information. During the process of Automation understanding and analyzing the various problems faced by the Management and the staff. The methodology adopted for the present study is survey using a structured questionnaire. It was observed that 18 (33.34%) of the Medical and Dental College libraries were not automated for reason such as, Lack of computer facilities, Inadequate finance, Lack of IT skilled Manpower; Management is not interested in library automation, collection from library is very less, tentativeness and lack of attitude towards automation and unsatisfactory library software problems are the major hindrances to speedy automation. Only` 66.66% of Medical and Dental College libraries are automated to show that the libraries must be updated on the current scenario and the other libraries will follow these updates. This study also gives a status view of the software packages used by different medical and dental college libraries and the opinion of the librarians & staff about the performance of software use

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