A Study on Search Engine and Its Role in Development of Human Race


Author(s): Sivasubramanian G, P. Gomathi, B.MUKUNTHAN

The major developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have produced innovative changes in all fields of information. Libraries, being the reservoirs of information, are no exclusion to this development. The civilization and atmosphere around the libraries are changing and getting altered. As a result of information explosion, users are getting access to the vast amount of information. In the awareness the public, the influence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has a great impact on the libraries which envisages paperless information society, and has brought about drastic changes in library services. It has changed the functioning of the libraries of institutions of higher education. The conventional maintenance process and services are retreating day by day, giving rise to modern vibrant library services as libraries without fortifications, providing right of entry to different electronic journals, online resources and various databases are available during the publisher websites.

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