A Study on Information Seeking Behaviour of Users, College of Agricultural and Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Vijayapur


Author(s): Kalikadevi G. Badiger, Shilpa S Uplaonkar

The essential components in a library and information system are documents, users and librarians. One of the main goals of any information system is to provide pin-pointed, exhaustive and expeditious information service to users. The present study deals with, “A study on information seeking Behaviour of users a Agricultural college and Research Institute Tuticorin” In order to achieve the objectives of the study, various pieces of recorded information are gathered in information centre and qualified personnels are recruited to established purposive contact between the users and information embodied in variety of documents.130th primary and secondary information have been collected and analysed. Statistical tools such as averages, percentages, diagrams and chi-square tests have been applied. After analysis, findings have been arrived and suggestions have been made on the basis of the finding of the study.

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