A Study of Web 2.0 Application in Libraries of Premier Institute of Gujarat


Author(s): Sandip S. Patel, Atul Bhatt

The present study is paying attention on the application of Web 2.0 technologies for providing information services in the Libraries of Premier Institute of Gujarat. The study explored what types of Web 2.0 tools were applied in such Libraries as well as their features and purposes. During the study, it was noticed that all Libraries deployed web 2.0 technology to provide information services. 66.7 percent of the Libraries applied RSS, vodcast, OPAC 2.0, Instant Messaging, Mashup, Social Bookmarking & Tagging where as 33.33 percent Libraries are using Blog, podcast, Social Networking Services, Google Docs and YouTube. In this survey none of the Libraries adopted wikis. According to the present and future needs of the users, the library personnel are to be proactive, skilled and passionate to provide the web based information services. At the same time the users are also required to be well versed with this kind of technology.

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