A Scientometric Analysis of Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research (2010-2016)


Author(s): Kunwar Singh, Satyajit Nayak, Akhilesh Kumar Varma

This paper examiner the articles published in the Partnership: The Canadian journal of library and information practice and research 2010-2016. It present analysis covers the areas like article distribution pattern, authorship pattern, types of bibliographic form used and geographical distribution of authors etc. At the time of data analysis 274 articles were published during the period 2010-2016. Individual contribution of authors to the journal has been tabulated as per articles contributed, highlighted in their standing order. After analysing 2706 references, on average references have been assigned to each article. Researchers from 9 different countries across the world have contributed research articles to the journal during the period of study.

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