A Review of the Concept, Relevance, Processes, and Planning Strategies for Marketing Library and Information Services


Author(s): Augustine UzomaMadu, Bala Haruna, Yusuf Makinta, HanatuE. Tongs

The digital era has proven to the most challenging period for the libraries in an effort to maintain relevance and customer loyalty, especially as the users resort to the internet, and social media for their information need. It behooves therefore that the libraries should sit up and re- strategize to prove that they are still relevant in the information provision. Marketing its services to the customers becomes the ultimate tool for the library to regain the users’ patronage and loyalty. This study employed a review of the literature to highlight the necessity for and importance of marketing library and library services. The concept of marketing, reasons for marketing of library services, effective planning for marketing as well as the processes, and marketing mix are thoroughly highlighted. The conclusion was made in a way of recommendations on how the library can be sustained through a shift from the collection development consciousness to user conscious service orientation.

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