A Case Study on Library Automation Process in Anurag Group of Institutions


Author(s): Rajani Gangula, Rajkumar Bhakar, Padmanabha Rao A

The case study emphasis on the automation process in the Anurag Group of Institutions, Ghatkesar Telangana. Library automation is a major task for engineering college libraries, with the introduction of advance technologies in field of library and information science, major automation areas and outlines the various factors needed to be considered by the librarians while doing automation work for their respective libraries. Now day’s modern libraries are equipped with traditional resources like books magazines reports etc. with the advent of information technology they are also exaggerated with digital resources like e-journals, online research publications and web resources. The study mainly focuses on the use of automation process for Engineering College libraries in Telangana region. The Information Communication Technology has brought rapid changes in the performance of libraries and its services. It helps libraries in creating database of their own collections and creation them accessible for easy access to users within and outside the libraries through various networks. We have been using library management software in central library; successfully completed bar coding work for 45000 volumes of books, and have successfully completed library automation work. Digitization of libraries reduces the unending work and preserves time and brings precision and speed & keeps material safe. It increases the efficiency in technical processing of library materials and amends the efficiency of library administration and management processes. The AGI central library gives much importance to the library automation services integrated with a mobile application for an effective library services is the need of hour. The integrated approach of the mobile application will ease the process to the needy user in a short time and cost effective way to get the right information in right time at right place. The objective of the case study is understand and implement the integrated library automation process along with a user friendly mobile application for ease of information to the faculty, researchers and student.

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