A Bibliometric Study on Growth of Research in Plastic Surgery ? An Analytical Review 2000-2004


Author(s): M. Sharmila, B. Suresh

Bibliometric is a technique or a tool of information management, which is also called quantitative science. In the field of Plastic Surgery, Bibliometric as it is presently known is of recent origin, though its roots could be traced to a study in 1967. Since then it has come a long way and attain much importance and significance for research in plastic surgery. Bibliometric has practices applications in the evaluation of research operation and survey through statistical techniques to make the quantitative analysis possible. It is also useful in the study and measurement of publication pattern of different form of literature on one subject or other and also useful in the study of productivity of citation of articles. The Present study on SCImago Journal Rank (SJR indicator) data base shows that how many articles published in a particular field of Plastic Surgery subject and also shows that how many Articles, References, Citation, Un cited document, International collaboration and cited document in the field of Plastic Surgery. The present study will helps to indentify the research growth and the analytical review of research.

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