A Bibliometric Study on Collaborative Research and Development Output of Statistical Quality Control and Operation Research (SQC & OR) Division of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) during 2010-2014


Author(s): Soumen Kayal, Baisakhi Das

This study is a Bibliometric analysis of the research publication output of Statistical Quality Control and Operation Research (SQC & OR Unit) of Indian Statistical Unit (ISI). Data of this study have been collected from ISI Annual Report during the year 2010-2014. Year wise output of publication, type of publication, authorship pattern, degree of collaboration, distribution of length of article, distribution of reference per article and area of research for published output have considered for this study. Findings reveal that 265 publications have published during this period. Most of the publications of SQC & OR Division are collaborative in nature. The degree of collaboration clearly indicates dominance upon multi authored contribution. The faculties of SQC & OR Division mostly prefer 10-12 pages length for their publication. Maximum numbers of citations follow are 21-25 (31.59%), and Six Sigma Initiatives is the most popular area of research (30.87%).

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