A Bibliometric Review of Literature in Library User Education Published at Scopus-Elsevier Database Indexed Journals from 1976-2019


Author(s): Zameer Hussain Baladi

Aim of this research is focuses on analysis of literature published in journals indexed in Scopus-Elsevier database and produced by library information professionals to facilitate library users in terms of effective use of the library. A total of 114 documents written by 252; 2.2% authors and 2.5 per annum in library user education covers six types of literary work from 1976 – 2019. Research articles 96; 84% got attention of the majority. Sixty-four documents were written by solo authors and 188; 3.7% of authors contributed in 50 documents. The Library Philosophy and Practice e-journal provide space for 21 documents to publish. The United States felt the importance of this subject and contributed with 35; 31% documents. Library information sciences can better explaine by computer sciences to utilized resources and services in the process of decision-making. This study revealed that, the ultimate goal of library professionals is to save the time of reading through the ease of system with educational programs, instead of this the subject got lase attention among the eyes of library professionals.

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