A Bibliometric Analysis of the Journal of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing: 1970-2015


Author(s): Shijith Kumar, C, M. Nanjunda Swamy

The purpose of the present study was to bibliometric analysis of contents of the Journal of All India Institute of Speech and Hearing published from 1970 to 2015 to determine the types and quantities of information contents published, authorship characteristics, research domains of the scientific articles and to investigate changes, if any, in the publication pattern of the journal over the years. The bibliographic data on all the published volumes were collected manually from the print issues of the journal and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. It is found that the domain of speech along with its closely allied field language is accountable for the major share of scientific articles in the journal whereas hearing-related articles are comparatively less represented. The study noticed a trend towards intra-institutional, two-author and threeauthor collaboration. The journal achieved significant progress over the years. However, steps need to be taken to make the journal online, increase global visibility and to attract scientific contributions from across the world

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