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Volume 8. Issue No.4 Oct-Dec, 2018 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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Chemical Engineering Journals Enclosed by Directory of Open Access
Journals: ASystematic Study., pp.1-9

Nimesh Oza and Ashok S Chaudhary | Download: PDF

Information Technology Application in Health Science Libraries: A study
of Delhi., pp.10-23

Jamal Ahmad Siddiqui | Download: PDF

Opportunities and Fhallenges Facing Provision of Information Literacy to
Multi-Cultural Communities: A case of Tana River County, Kenya., pp.24-28

Daniel W. Muthee and Johnson MulongoMasinde | Download: PDF

Awareness and Impact of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on the
Academic Performance of the Students of Sarada Vilas Teachers (B.Ed.) College,
Mysore: A study., pp.29-35

Arundhathi B.L., Swapna C, Shwetha and Manjula P. | Download: PDF

Create an Email Marketing Campaign for Libraries., pp.36-43

Duong Thi Phuong Chi, M.A. | Download: PDF

Webometrics Ranking of Institutional Digital Repositories of India:
A Case Study., pp.44-51

Paulomi Saha | Download: PDF

Introduction to Digital Resources in Libraries of India: A Case Study of Allam
Iqbal Central Library of University of Kashmir in Jammu and Kashmir State.,

Geetanjali Rana Kanwar | Download: PDF

E- Resource management., pp. 63-65

Sachin Ashok Wani | Download: PDF

p>Growth and Obsolescence Study of Doctoral Theses in Biotechnology.,
pp. 66-88

Koteppa Banateppanavar and Biradar, B.S. | Download: PDF

p> Study on the User Need in Public Library in the Light of NML: A Case
Study in Barrackpore Subdivision of West Bengal., pp.89-95

Nimai Shit and Niladri Shit | Download: PDF

Sentiment Analysis of YouTube Comments on Koha Open Source Software Videos.,

Lambodara Parabhoi and Payel Saha | Download: PDF

Telugu Newspapers and Periodicals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States:
A study., pp.103-110

Dastagiri Dudekula, K.V.N Rajeswara Rao and Kopparthi, Adisesu | Download: PDF

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