International Journal of Library and Information Studies: An online journal

Volume 3. Issue No.4 Oct-Dec, 2013 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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  • Knowledge of e-Resources in Engineering College Libraries: A Study., pp.1-15
    T.Venkata Rao and K. Somasekhara Rao | PDF

    Current Practices Related to Electronic Resources in Management Libraries of National Region of Delhi: An Analytical Study., pp.16-35
    K.K. Singh and Margam Madhusudhan | PDF

    Reading Habits of News Papers among Engineering Professionals: An Analytical Study., pp.36-41
    Mrs.L. Asokan and S. Dhanavandan | PDF

    Scholarly Communication on the Web: An Investigation of Open Access Journals in Medical Science., pp.42-49
    Bharat H. Sondarva | PDF

    Mapping the Key Words Using Bibliographic Data Base: A Study., pp.50-56.
    B.A. Rajeev and S. Jayaprakash | PDF

    Growth of Indian Health Science Publications: A Bibliographic Analysis based on SCOPUS Database., pp.57-67
    Mrs. R.Kavitha and R.Ponnudurai | PDF

    The Problem of Under-Utilization of Library Resources in Higher Educational Institutions in the Tribal Predominant Gadchiroli District., pp.68-74
    Anil Bhoyar | PDF

    Authorship Studies of Trends in Information Management, 2008-2012., pp.75-83.
    Nilaranjan Barik and Mrs. Puspanjali Jena | PDF

    Use of e-Resources and Services by Student and Faculty Members of IBS Business School, Bangalore: A Study., pp.84-92
    K. Basavaraja and R. Jeyshankar | PDF

    WebSites of Indian Institutes of Technology: A Webometric Study., pp.93-107.
    Margam Madhusudhan and Shashi Prakash | PDF

    A Scientometric Study of Digital Literacy in Online Library Information Science and Technology Abstracts (LISTA) ., pp.108-118.
    K.Kumar and T. Raghunadha Reddy | PDF

    A Study on Perceptions of Faculty Members on Information Sources, Services and Facilities of Engineering College Libraries in Hyderabad., pp.109-130.
    C.Srinivasa Raju and V. Pulla Reddy | PDF

    Technical Education Institute Libraries in Maharashtra State with Special Reference to Book Collection: A Survey., pp.131-139.
    Santosh Dnyanobarao Kadam | PDF

    Use of Internet by Faculty and Students in St. Peter’s Engineering College (SPEC): A Case Study., pp.140-149.
    C. Chinna Balu, B. Mahesh, and P. Srinivasulu | PDF

  • Call for Papers