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Volume 8. Issue No.1 Jan-Mar, 2018 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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Information Seeking Behaviour of Librarians in Internet era: A study of
First Grade College Libraries of Dharwad city, Karnataka., pp.1-19

Rajeshwari. S.M. and Ramesh R. Naik | Download: PDF

Use Patterns of E-Resources by the Professional Students of University
College of Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad: A Case Study., pp.20-27

Arun Kumar M., Anjaiah M. and Doraswamy Naick B.R. | Download: PDF

Utilisation and Satisfaction on UGC-Infonet e-Journals by Faculty Members
and Research Scholars: A Case Study of University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.,

Kishore Kumar M. and Anjaiah M. | Download: PDF

Awareness of INDEST E-Resources in IITs: A study., pp.35-42

Harish H T | Download: PDF

Information Technology Skills Required for Library Professionals in
Digital Era: An Introspection., pp.43-50

Usman Koya P T and Gopakumar V | Download: PDF

A Comparative Study of Authorship and Collaboration Pattern of Four SAARC
Countries in Biotechnology Research., pp.51-60

Manendra Kumar Singh and Kunwar Singh | Download: PDF

Do Online Professional Forums Promote Professional Contents Effectively?
An Analytical Study of New Millennium LIS Professionals (NMLIS)., pp.61-70

Akhandanand Shukla and Jacob MS Dawngliana | Download: PDF

Citation analysis of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Fisheries,
SKUAST-K, (J&K State)., pp.71-78

Asifa Jan | Download: PDF

Indispensable Necessity - Researchers’ Digital Identity: Special Reference
to ORCID ID., pp.79-88

Atul Bhatt and Pradip Patel | Download: PDF

Features and Use of Library management software packages in the Libraries of
Gauhati University (GU) and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG).,

Bijoya Ray and Sanjay Kumar Singh | Download: PDF

Publication Pattern and Research Colloboration of Forensic Medincine During
1989-2016., pp.105-115

Baskaran C and Rameshbabu P | Download: PDF

Faculty Members Knowledge in Information and Communication Technology in
Krishnagiri District., pp.116-122

Dhanaseelan D. and Prabakaran T | Download: PDF

Mapping the Journals of Librarianship and Information Science: A Scientometric
Profile., pp.123-130

Akhilesh Kumar Varma | Download: PDF

Library Management Skills for Library and Information Professionals: A Survey., pp.131-136

Kalikadevi G Badiger and Mallikarjuna Badiger | Download: PDF

RFID and Its Applications in Libraries., pp.137-140

Vaishali .B. Kanekar and Siddiqui Eraj Azeeza | Download: PDF

Library Resources and Services of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies
(RJKUT), Nuzivid, Andhra Pradesh: A Study., pp.141-148

Dastagiri Dudekula and M. Anjaiah | Download: PDF

Strategies for Collection Development in Academic Libraries., pp.149-154

Shilpa S Uplaonkar and Kalikadevi G. Badiger | Download: PDF

Access and Use of Internet by The Students’ Community: A Case Study of College of
Engineering, Kallooppara, Pathanamthitta, Kerala State., pp.155-164

Sumi P. Thomas, Tinju Tom and Deepa John | Download: PDF

Scientometric Profile of Three State Government Universities of Odisha as Reflected
by Scopus Database during 2006-2015., pp.165-173

Bijayananda Pradhan and Mahapatra R.K. | Download: PDF

Research Output of DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology:
A Scientometric Analysis., pp.174-180

Satyajit Nayak | Download: PDF

Digital Libraries: An overview of Standards, Protocols and Formats., pp.181-188

Jayant Deshpande | Download: PDF

A Bibliometric Study of International Journal of Library and Information
Science., pp.189-195

Lijina P. | Download: PDF

Interoperability in LIS in Digital Era., pp.196-201

Nagaraju S. | Download: PDF

An Evaluation of Kannada News Paper Websites Using Alexa Internet Tool:
A Webometric Study., pp.202-209

Muthuraja S. and Veerabasavaiah M | Download: PDF

Research Output of Library Review (2000-2017): Scientometirc Analysis.,

Neha Verma | Download: PDF

User Attitude of Palamur University Library, Mahabubnagar, Telangana:
A Study., pp.218-223

Ravi Kumar Chegoni | Download: PDF

Publications Trends in the Journal 'Photoacoustics': A Bibliometric Approach.,

Manoj M | Download: PDF

Role of College Librarians in Promoting N-LIST E-Resources Usagein First Grade
Colleges Affiliated to the University of Mysore: A Study., pp.232-241

Puttamadappa K.B and KhaiserJahan Begum | Download: PDF

Knowledge Management Practices for Managed Services: A Case Study of Sirius
Computer Solutions., pp.242-247

Syed Raiyan Ghani | Download: PDF

Awareness about Plagarism amongst University of Agricultural Sceinces
students in Dharwad., pp.248-253

Shilpa Uplaonkar | Download: PDF

Pattern of Research Collaboration in the Discipline of Pure Sciencesin the
Universities of Odisha: A Scientometric Study., pp.254-260

DC Chhatar and Maharana B. | Download: PDF

Scientometric Analysis of World Biodiversity Literature.,,pp.261-271

Hydar Ali and Adithya Kumari H | Download: PDF

ASLIB Journal of Information Management, 2008-2017: A Bibliometric Study., pp.272-277

Lavanya P. and Manthena Madhu | Download: PDF

Collection Developemnt in Engineering College Libraries: A Case Study of Methodist
College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Telangana., pp.278-286

Varadaraju NCH Ramesh A. | Download: PDF

An Outline of Altmetrics Tools for the Library Professionals., pp.287-290

Uma Rani Nagella | Download: PDF

Scientomentric Analysis of Library Trends Journal (1980-2017) Using Scopus
Database., pp.291-298

Ran Vijay Pratap and Anubhav Srivastava | Download: PDF

Use Of E-Resources Management By The Professional Students Of KITSW (Autonomous)
In Telangana: A Survey., pp.299-308

Komalla Indrasena Reddy and Sumalatha P. | Download: PDF

User Satisfaction on Library Resources and Services in Law College Libraries in
Mysore, Karnataka., pp.309-318

Hemavathi K.N. and Chandrashekara M. | Download: PDF

ASLIB Journal of Information Management from 2005 To 2016: A Bibliometric
Analysis., pp.319-325

Harish Kumar Sahu | Download: PDF

Access to Electronic Information Resources in Academic Libraries in India., pp.326-331

Lakpathi K | Download: PDF

Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour of Research Scholars in
Bangalore University, : A Survey., pp.332-342

Manjunath N. and Surendra Babu K. | Download: PDF

Bibliometric study of PhD theses in Mathematics of The University of Burdwan,
2005-2012., pp.343-353

Sanjukta Mondal and Bijan Kumar Roy | Download: PDF

Institutional Repositories in Library and Information Science: A Global View.,

Ravi S. and Madhusuthanan M.V. | Download: PDF

Reaching Out Users with Web-Based Resources and Services: A Study of Libraries of
Indian Institutes of Technology (IITS)., pp.360-366

Udita Negi | Download: PDF

Promoting Reading Habits and The Role of Library., pp.367-375

Surendra Sethy | Download: PDF

Scientometric Analysis of Research Output of Two Eminent Scientists of India.,pp.376-386

Kalaiappan V. and Yesudoss P. | Download: PDF

Assessment of Information Literacy Skills among Research Scholars of
Mizoram University: A Study., pp.387-399

Chanchinmawia F. and Manoj Kumar Verma | Download: PDF

Preventing Plagiarism in Academic Assessments., pp.400-404

Nagaraju S | Download: PDF

Transition pattern study of print to e-print information resources and their
effect on library services of Indira Gandhi University Rewari
Haryana, India., pp.405-409

Subhash Chand and Hemant Sharma | Download: PDF

A Bibliometric Study on Collaborative Research and Development Output of
Statistical Quality Control and Operation Research (SQC & OR) Division of
Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) during 2010-2014., pp.410-417

Soumen Kayal and Baisakhi Das | Download: PDF

Harvesting Full text and Metadata of OpenDOAR through DSpace OAI-PMH : A Framework
for Institutional Digital Repositories., pp.418-424

Sukumar Mandal | Download: PDF

A Study on Search Engine and Its Role in Development of Human Race., pp.425-435

Sivasubramanian G., Gomathi P. and Mukunthan B. | Download: PDF

The Status of Electronic Journals in India from 2006-2015 - A Brief Study.,

Satynarayana D | Download: PDF

Use and Usage Patterns of Social Networking Sites Among Library Professionals
in Graduate Colleges Of Bangalore City., pp.444-452

Nataraju N. Mulla R.K. | Download: PDF

Use of Library and Information Resources and Services by Research Scholars of
GITAM Deemed to be University- a study., pp.453-459

R. Gowridevi R., Sasikala C. and Ramakrishna K. | Download: PDF

Advanced Technologies for the User Authentication and Security of
Library Collection., pp.460-465

Atul Bhatt and Devashri Shastri | Download: PDF

Information Needs of Rural Community in Nuvvurupadu Gram Panchayat of
Atmakur Mandal of S.P.S.R. Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh., pp.466-482

Sreenivasulu Reddy T. and Pulla Reddy V. | Download: PDF

Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University Library Digital
Resources: An Overview., 483-487

Harilal, L. | Download: PDF

A Scientometric Analysis of Global Warming Literature during 2012-2017., pp.488-494

Ajitha, A and Vasudevan, T M | Download: PDF

Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development: Role of Libraries., pp.495-499

Urvi Kamboya | Download: PDF

Impact of Information Literacy Programmes in Private Engineering
College Libraries., pp.500-508

Rudresha D.C and Chowdappa N. | Download: PDF

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