International Journal of Library and Information Studies: An online journal

Volume 6. Issue No.1 Jan-Mar, 2016 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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Library Facilities and Services for Physically Challenged Category in Academic Libraries in Mysore District: A Study., pp.1-9

Bhyrappa, M. and Dr. P. Sarasvathy | Download: PDF

Acquisition and Procurement of Library Printed Materials in Mysore Region Engineering College Libraries: A Study., pp.10-21

K.N. Shivakumaraswmay and Dr. Khaiser Nikam | Download: PDF

Publication Pattern of the Journal “Webology”: A Bibliometric Analysis., pp.22-33

Nagasundara, Mr. Manjunatha J. and Dhruva Kumar Mr. | Download: PDF

Research Output of Department of Chemistry, University of Mysore during 2005-2016., pp.34-40

Ambika, P. Patil, Kavitha, B. L. and Praveen Kumari B. L. | Download: PDF

Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Indian Management Libraries., pp.41-56

Manpreet Kaur | Download: PDF

A Survey of Library Automation in Medical and Dental College Libraries Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai., pp.57-62

Muruganandham, G. Dr. N.Murugesapandian and Dr.Murugesapandian N | Download: PDF

Scientometric Portrait of Prof. Rudovick R. Kazwala: A Public Health Veterinarian., pp.63-76

Alfred S. Sife and Ronald Bernard | Download: PDF

Extent of Usage of Internet Resources and Services by Dental Science Professionals in Karnataka., pp.77-87

Dr. Umesha and Dr. Chandrashekara M. | Download: PDF

Mapping of Research Productive in Periyar University: A Scientometric Study., pp.88-99

Dr. Palaniappan, M and Vijayakumar, R | Download: PDF

Bibliometric Analysis of the Global Traditional Knowledge during 1989-2016., pp.100-106

Hydar Ali, Ambika and Chikkamanju | Download: PDF

Research and Development of Soil Science in India: A Quantitative Study., pp.107-114

Angamuthu, M. and Dr. Geetha,V. | Download: PDF

Use of Facebook by Research Scholars of Karnatak University, Dharwad: A study., pp.115-122

Anand Y. Kenchakkanavar, Gururaj S. Hadagali and Roopa Kashappanavar | Download: PDF

Use and Non-Use of Public Library Services in the Digital Age: A Study of Kurukshetra District Library (Haryana)., pp.123-129

Surender Kumar and Dharmesh Kumar | Download: PDF

Opinion About E-Resources by the Faculty Members in Arts and Science Colleges: A Study., pp.130-138

Isabella Mary, A. and Dr. Dhanavandan, S. | Download: PDF

A Bibliometric Study on Growth of Research in Plastic Surgery – An Analytical Review 2000-2004., pp.139-145

Sharmilam M. and Dr. Suresh, B. | Download: PDF

A study on Rising Trend of Digitization in Libraries., pp.146-151

Venkatesh S.K. and Manjunatha K.S. | Download: PDF

Trend Analysis on Bioelectronics Research output Indexed in
Scopus Database., pp.152-160

Natarajan K. and Kaliyaperumal K.. | Download: PDF

Information Seeking Behaviour Models: A Brief Introduction., pp.161-168

Manish Garg | Download: PDF

Use and Awareness of Social Networking Tools by the Research Scholars
of Mangalore University: A Study., pp.169-178

Lokesha M. and Umesha Naik | Download: PDF

Pattern of e-Resources Usage at St.Ann's College for Women, Mehdipatnam,
Hyderabad: A study., pp.179-184

RatnaKumari Ch. | Download: PDF

Personal Information Management Tools to Made Your Research Easy.185-191

Murali Prasad M. R. | Download: PDF

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