International Journal of Library and Information Studies: An online journal

Volume 5. Issue No.1 Jan-Mar, 2015 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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  • A Citations Analysis and Assessment of Research Productivity: Trends and Growth., pp.1-9
    Dhanavandan, S. | PDF

    Reflections on the Knowledge Sharing Practices Among Medical Professionals: A Review., pp.10-19
    Ashwini, K. and Harinarayana, N.S. | PDF

    Citation analysis of Doctoral Theses: An analysis of Physics Theses submitted to Three Universities of Karnataka, India., pp.20-33
    Somashekara, Y.L. Mallinath Kumbar | PDF

    Use of E-Journals by the Faculty Member an Research Scholars of Department of Zoology and Department of Botany of University of Delhi: A Study., pp.35-48
    Sandhyakumari, Jlia and Manpreet Kaur, P.A. | PDF

    Use of Internet Resources and services by Marine Science Faculties in south India: A Study., pp.49-59.
    Maranna, O | PDF

    Use of Scholarly Information by Faculty Members of Engineering Colleges in Villupuram Town, Tamilnadu: A Case Study., pp.60-71
    Ranganathan, C. | PDF

    Growth of Literature and Collaboration of Authors in MEMS: A Bibliometric Study on BRIC and G8 countries., pp.72-84
    Tamizhchelvan, M. and Bathrinarayanan, AL. | PDF

    Cloud Computing and Nation-wide Academic Library Information System (NALIS): A Conceptual Approach., pp.85-90
    Gautam, J.N. and Govind Singh | PDF

    Best Achievement in Academic Library Systems in India., pp.91-96
    Narasappa, K.C. and Dr. Dharani Kumar, P. | PDF

    Challenges and Issues in Improve the Visibility and Impact of Indian Science, Technology and Medicine Journals., pp.97-102
    Nagaraja, A. and Gangadhar, K.C. | PDF

    Usage of Search Engine among Students of SNS Sons College, Coimbatore: A Study., pp.103-110
    Sivasubramanian and Gomathi, P. | PDF

    Awareness and Use of Electronic Resources among Social Science Students in Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. , pp.110-117
    Muthurasu, C. | PDF

    Access to Information Resources by the Students and Research Scholars at the Digital Information Resources Center (DIRC), Mysore University Library., pp.118-126
    Kodandarama and Chandrashekara, M. | PDF

    Open Source Softwares in Libraries: Threats and Challenges., pp.127-134
    Anjaneya Reddy N.M. and Dr. Lalitha Aswath | PDF

    Awareness towards Open Access Sources among Students, Researchers and Faculty in Management Colleges in Karnataka., pp.135-145
    Prasad N. N. and Chandrashekara M. | PDF

    Social Networking Tools Blogs: An Introduction., pp.146-151.
    Sheuli Hazra | PDF

    Microcontroller Based Touch Screen in Library Catalogue System., pp.152-157.
    Spandana V.| PDF

    An Overview of Digital Resources for Academic Libraries., pp.158-163.
    Aruna J. | PDF

    Information Seeking behaviour of University Teachers: A study at selected
    Universities in undivided Andhra Pradesh., pp.164-174.

    Murali Prasad M R | PDF

  • Call for Papers