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Volume 8. Issue No.2 Apr-Jun, 2018 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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Information Needs of Gram Panchayat Members: A Study of Kurukshetra District,
Haryana., pp.1-12

Rajiv | Download: PDF

Users perception on Library Automation in the University Libraries a Comparative
Study in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu., pp.13-24

Venkatesha and Sarasvathy P. | Download: PDF

Application of Big Data Technology to Library data:A review., pp.25-30

Kaladhar, A., Doraswamy Naick, B.R and Somasekhara Rao, K. | Download: PDF

Digital Movement in Libraries: A Case Study of LIBSYS Ltd. Firm,
Gurgaon, Haryana, India., pp.31-41

Geetanjali Rana Kanwar | Download: PDF

Effects of Environmental factors on preservation of library
documents., pp.42-47

Mitali Goswami | Download: PDF

Authorship Pattern and Collaboration of Journal of Advances in Library and
Information Science (JALIS) : A Bibliometric Analysis., pp.48-54

Santu Ram Kashyap | Download: PDF

Tagore’s thought of Library Education and its Services: An Overview., pp.55-59

Madhusree Basak | Download: PDF

Institutional Repository: An overview., pp.60-65

Kaladhar, A., Doraswamy Naick, B.R and Somasekhara Rao, K. | Download: PDF

Ranking Accounting Journals in Political Science Cited in Doctoral
Theses in Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak during
1978-2012., pp.66-70

Suresh Kumar | Download: PDF

Library Resources and Services in the Selected Engineering College
Libraries Of Karnataka, India-A Survey., pp.71-77

Satheesha H. and Mallikarjun Vaddankere | Download: PDF

Examination Expertise Sharing in Engineering & Technology: Using INFLIBNET
- Vidwan database., 78-83.

Chaman Sab M, Dharani Kumar P. and Biradar B.S. | Download: PDF

Dr. Anil B. Kalkundrikar: A Biobibliometrics Study., pp.84-91

Bharat B. Alasandi and Tayappa Adin | Download: PDF

Knowledge Sharing among Undergraduate Students in the
College Library Environment., pp.92-97

Prasanna Kumar H.E and Patil F.G | Download: PDF

An Overview of Medical Libraries in Digital Era: Impact of
Libraries on Academic Performance of Medical Students.,

Aruna Chanu Oinam | Download: PDF

Scientometric Profile of Web 2.0 in Emerald., pp.107-114

Ashturkar Vinit Bhanudasrao and Vaishali Khaparde | Download: PDF

A Bibliometric Analysis During 2013-2017., pp.115-122

Jayaprakash G Hugar and Chaman Sab M. | Download: PDF

Scientometric Profile of Presbyopia in Medline Database., pp.123-131

Pooja PrakashKharat, Vaishali S. Khaparde and Fawaz Abdullah Alhamdi | Download: PDF

Small-world in Author Community of Biotechnology: A Study., pp.132-141

Tejashwini B. and Mallinath Kumbar | Download: PDF

A Scientometric Profile on Dublin Core in SCOPUS., pp.142-151

Akulwar Mahesh Satisha and Vaishali Khaparde | Download: PDF

Library Professionals’ Awareness, Knowledge and Use of Integrated
Library Management Software (ILMS) in Engineering College
Libraries of East Godavari District Affiliated to JNTUK
– Kakinada: A Survey., pp.152-159

Akhil Kumar M., Doraswamy Naick B.R. and Somasekhara Rao K. | Download: PDF

Use of UGC-Infonet e-journals by Research Scholars of Maulana Azad
National Urdu University, Hyderabad - A case stuy.,

Kishore Kumar M. and Anjaiah M. | Download: PDF

Use Patterns of E-Resources by the Faculty, Research Scholars and
Professional Students of University College of Engineering,
Osmania University, Hyderabad Telangana State–A Case Study.,

Arun Kumar M. and Anjaiah M. | Download: PDF

LIS Journals in Directory of Open Access Journals: A Study., 174-179

Anil Kumar | Download: PDF

Author Productivity in Journal of Organic Chemistry ., 180-185

Ahirrao M.K. and Sonawane S.S. | Download: PDF

A Study on Information Seeking Behaviour of Users, College of
Agricultural and Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS),
Vijayapur., 186-192

Kalikadevi G. Badiger and Shilpa S Uplaonkar | Download: PDF

Awareness of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) among the
Research Scholars of Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra.,193-199

Sulekha and Sukhbir Singh | Download: PDF

ICT impact on College Libraries andLibrarians: A study of first
grade colleges of Bagalkot District, Karnataka.,200-2012

Rajeshwari. S.M. and Ramesh R. Naikh | Download: PDF

Use of Electronic Resources in IGM Library at University of
Hyderabad: An Overview., pp.213-220

Muniya Naik M.and Yadagiri S. | Download: PDF

Library Management: A bibliometric Analysis., pp.221-226

Vijaya Kumar Midatanapally | Download: PDF

Problems and Prospects of Digital Libraries of select Libraries in Telangana:
A study, pp.227-234

Harilal, L. | Download: PDF

Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Reading Habits of
Postgraduate Students in Universities Located in Chittoor District:
A Study., pp.235-246

Hymavathi, B. and Surendra Babu K. | Download: PDF

Exploring the Structure and form of Folksonomies: A case study of
Marine Science Social Tags., pp. 247-255

Praveenkumar Vaidya and Harinarayana, N.S. | Download: PDF

Importance of Periodical Literature in Research., pp.256-260

Madhava Rao, P. and Pulla Reddy, V. | Download: PDF

Utilization of Online Information Resources and Services in Engineering
College Students in Nellore District: A Study., pp.261-267

Satyanarayana, P., Sudhakar, E. and Chandraiah, I. | Download: PDF

Using Vufind Discovery Tool is how much Replace Germany's
Traditional OPAC??., pp.268-272

Payel Saha | Download: PDF

An Overview of Indian Institutional Repositories., pp.273-281

Praveen Kumar V | Download: PDF

Publication Productivity of Bharat RatnaProf. C.N.R. Rao during 1956-1975:
A Scientometric Portrait., pp.282-287

Raju Gadad and Ravi B. | Download: PDF

Use of Open Access and Licensed E-Books by the Researchers in Academic and
Research Institutes in Karnataka, pp.288-294

Vidyarani, M.P. and Ramashesh, C.P. | Download: PDF

Best Practices of Information Literacy Programmes in Government Engineering
College Libraries., pp.295-301

Rudresha D.C and Chowdappa N. | Download: PDF

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