International Journal of Library and Information Studies: An online Journal

Volume 4. Issue No.2 Apr-Jun, 2014 - ISSN: 2231-4911

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  • Application of RFID Technology in Libraries., pp.1-9
    Mr. Neeraj Kumar Singh and Prof. Preeti Mahajan | PDF

    Research Scholar's Interaction with Online Information Resources in their Academic Activities: A Survey., pp.10-18
    Mr. Nagasundara, Mr. Manjunatha J. and Mr. Bhyrappa M. | PDF

    Transactions of the Indian Ceramic Society: A bibliometric study., pp.19-37
    Bidhan Chaudhuri | PDF

    A Journey of Card Catalogue to Web-OPAC., pp.38-45
    Rajinder Kumar and Joginder Singh | PDF

    Information Literacy Programmes and Practices: A Survey of Selected Academic Institutions of Dahod District., pp.46-52
    Hitesh Chauhan -46-52 | PDF

    Importance of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD,s) on Internet: a survey of Indian ETD repository Shodganga., 53-61
    Mohd Iqbal Bhat and Dr. Mahesh V. Mudhol | PDF

    Link Analysis of Websites of Universities in Kerala: A Webometric Study., pp.62-71
    Dr. R. Jeyshankar and Dr. I. Maria Sujitha | PDF

    Role of Information Technology in Quality Assurance and Library Management., pp.72-80
    Dr. M. Anil Kumar | PDF

    Requisite of Digital Preservation for Shifting of Print Media to Digitalised one and the Role of Library Profesional to Enhance the Growth., pp.81-88
    Dr. Mahuya Chakrabarty | PDF

    Digital resources in Central Library of National Institute of Technology Srinagar: Literacy among students., pp.89-97
    Shahina Islam | PDF

    Views and Opinions of Inmates on Prison Library in Coimbatore., pp. 98-109
    Ms. K. Tamilmani | PDF

    Utilization of E-Resources by the Faculty Members with Special Reference to Priyadarshini College of Engineering and Technology (PCET), Nellore, India – A Case Study., pp.110-115
    P. Raghunadha Reddy | PDF

    Scholarly Information Resources on the Web., pp.116-125
    Bijayananda Pradhan | PDF

    A Study of LIBSYS Library Management Software Used in Special Libraries of Lucknow: A User Survey., pp.126-139
    Anubhav Shah | Dr. Sharad Kumar Sonkar PDF

    Performanace of Research Productivity on Digital Architecture Based on Web of Sciene Database: A Scientometric Analysis., pp.140-151
    C. Ranganathan | PDF

    Utilisation of Libraries in the Engineering Colleges of Prakasam District (Andhra Pradesh): A survey., pp.152-159.
    Balaji Maddisetty | PDF

    An User Satisfaction about Library Resources and Services: A Study., pp.160-167
    Ravi S. | PDF

    Application of RFID in Libraries., pp.168-176
    V. Spandana | PDF

    Doing Quality Research in Digital Environment., pp.177-180
    N. Kalpalatha | PDF

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